TV for RVs

You’ll never miss another pass when you can catch the big game anywhere! Get out there and take your TV where ever life takes you. The next big game could be your next big tailgate party.


How it Works


Welcome to the future of high definition television. The Tailgater® Portable Satellite Antenna is for the superfan on the go. Whether you’re out in the RV, up at the cabin, or BBQing outside the stadium, you now have access to the same television networks you have at home.




King Dome and Winegard Autotracker

KD5500-B_medlrgKING brings your television to the great outdoors with a line-up of products that are portable, durable and made to perform. Whether you’re at the cabin, the campsite, or on a trail that’s yet uncharted—as long as you have a clear view of the southern sky, you can be sure KING will be there to bring you your favorite satellite programming. KING’s roster of road-ready products make sure television is along for the ride no matter where you rest your wheels. With both portable and roof-mounted units specifically designed to enhance the lifestyles of RV enthusiasts, you’ll never have to leave your favorite programming at home again.





Dish on a Tripod

Put your satellite dish on a tripod for a cheaper alternative!




Satellite TV for Your Beach House or Cabin


Foremans-Cabin-Exterior-reducedBe sure to remember you can take your TV with you! Whether you’re visiting your cabin hideaway in the woods or the family beach house on the beautiful Pacific Ocean, you can watch all of your favorite shows and HD programming!







Service and Installation

dtv_salesperson_450xWith today’s monster TV sets and advanced audio-visual equipment, installing and servicing your television can feel overwhelming. Instead, allow our expert team to mount, install, connect, program, and clean up your new set.

Service and Installation






TV on the GO. 

Take your TV on the GO!

Take your TV on the GO!



Attach your Tailgater® Portable Satellite Antenna to the top of your RV to enjoy premium entertainment wherever you are.






Bundle and Save.Tailgater_tailgating

If you already have or are interested in having satellite television at home, bundle your services and save more money. Get all of your services down to one bill.




Local Access Separate.

If you’re interested in adding local channels and major networks like NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS, we can help you set up an over the air antenna.